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When Do You Fly?
Balloon flights are normally timed to take off within an hour of sunrise or during the two hours prior to sunset. We do not fly during the day because the air is turbulent with thermal winds. In the winter these winds are not as strong and we can sometimes fly during the day.

When Don't You Fly?
Rain, Fog, low cloud cover, too much wind or not enough wind are the typical weather conditions that would prompt us to postpone a scheduled flight. We consider wind speed in excess of 9 knots as the upper threshold for safety. Even at that, launches and landings can be hazardous. Each pilot will make his or her own decision weather or not it is safe to fly. Not enough wind? Unlike too much wind, we like to give our clients a nice scenic flight. And, of course, an hour or so going nowhere isn't much of an adventure. We know that having that special flight postponed can be a disappointment, but we have a saying that " It is better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air, than to be in the air wishing you were on the ground!"

How Does A Hot Air Balloon Work?
Present ­ day Hot Air Balloon systems closely resemble the original balloons and work on the simple principle that hot air rises. They consist of an envelope to contain the hot air, a system to produce the hot air and a wicker basket to carry passengers. Lift is derived from heating the air inside the envelope and to descend by allowing some of the air to cool naturally or manually vent some out.

Where Do You Launch?
We launch from many areas in northern Wayne County. Or you can book a flight at one of the balloon festivals we attend throughout the year. The choice of the actual launch site will vary depending on the wind direction at the time of the flight. We want to go in a direction where we know there will be a fair selection of landing sites. We are fortunate that we have a variety of launch sites that suit the various wind directions.

Where Do You Land?
Balloons don't have any means of controlling lateral movement so they go wherever the wind takes them. The adventure of Ballooning is not knowing your destination prior to departure. During the flight, the pilot will select a landing site and bring you back to mother earth.

How Long Is The Flight?
Flights usually last 45 minutes to over an hour, but we suggest you allow up to three hours for the whole excursion. This will include set­up, flight, pack-up, champagne or non-alcoholic beverage toast, as well as travel back to the launch site.

What Should I Wear?
You should dress to suit the season. You won't be warmer or cooler during the flight than you would be on the ground. You should also choose footwear that's suitable for walking through country fields.

What Should I Bring?
You may want to bring a camera or two to record your experience. Our crew chief can take photos of you in the balloon from the ground while you take the scenery from the air. We have not lost a camera yet so use the straps provided for your neck or wrist.

Can I Bring Children?
Although there are alot of children who are adventurous, it is important that each passenger be able to take care of themselves when flying. It would be difficult, in the event of a windy landing, for our passengers to hang on as well as hang on to a child. We also feel that each passenger should be able to stand and see over the side of the basket. Little ears are sometimes sensitive to the sound that the burner makes and in addition may become frightened with the "fire". The most important thing we want to give you, our passengers, is a memorable, enjoyable hour long ride. Children become bored and fidgety in a short period of time which could cause your ride to be shortened or less enjoyable than it should be. If your child is social, it is alot of fun for them to ride in the chase vehicle, which follows along and is there when mom and dad land. Our chase crew always has the attitude, the more the merrier and that includes children. That being said, children may ride in the balloon if they are tall enough to see over the side, (I'm 5'5" and it comes up to nearly my waist) and they are responsible to take care of themselves as we land.

How Can I Book A Flight?
E-mail us at beckyalan@balloonpa.com. If you have a special day in mind it's best to book as soon as possible. If the weather is uncooperative on the selected day, we can arrange an alternate date. Balloons can fly any time of the year and each season has its own particular attractions. The choice is yours!

Can I Get A Gift Certificate?
Yes, of course, it's a great way to help someone celebrate a birthday, anniversary, marriage, or any occasion and gives them the opportunity to choose when they wish to fly.

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